As far as respawns, I'd have to respectfully disagree. I like the fact that "character building" resources are finite; it urges the player to make decisions instead of saying "oh well I'll just go level up some more and fix it".

That's why I like the respec option because even though you can respec, you still only have a limited number of points from leveling to spread out across everything. Now, of course, those resources are still limited by the overall leveling system/game progression mechanic, in ways - but one level difference makes a HUGE difference in difficulty. I would hate to see encounters become trivial because of respawns.

However - as far as expansions or even DLC (I think DLC fits better here than expansion, for once), I would definitely invest more money for content. I know a lot of developers will release some free content (as long as it isn't F2P to begin with), but I would throw my money at the devs to keep DOS fresh and new.

Just my thoughts - don't crucify me!