I restarted the game because I wanted to try some different skills/techniques and have been doing quests and things in maybe not the most logical order. Well I waited quite a while before going to the Dwarven Bread Inn and came from the east side => met the drunkards wife before him and avoided being pickpocketed. -neat!- i thought... Then I went in and did the barfight and headed to the back to get the dwarven teleporter scroll. Lo and behold there was no scroll on the table and no dwarf either... but there was a ... dog?! not only that but as soon as I entered the room the dog ran up to me and I chopped him up with no targeting or attacking action done on my part! I think the dog had the dwarf's name also (havent seen many dog's with names and this one had one... cant remember it now tho) needless to say I reloaded and tried again with exactly the same results! the approach I made to the inn or waiting longer or going straight there makes no difference just a room with a dog. this is upsetting because I was enjoying this character and had made quite a bit of progress... any thoughts on this matter? thx