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Ok to all those saying no. What about a option for it? Aka a check in the options menu for "Respawning Monsters"

You could include a button for everything? Why not letting players choose to fight against scaling enemies as well?

It's just not how this game is designed and this game has its design for a reason.

It has been designed, but it does not mean Larian won't listen to the player base, also whole point of these forums is to discuss the game, both what is in the game & what is not.

I agree you cant have buttons for every option, but I think re spawning mobs splits the community. I think if there was to be a poll it would be quite even.

I don't think it would be even. I think that most people don't want respawning enemies and are quite happy how Larian handled the whole issue.

I'm also still waiting for any reasonable argument why there should be respawning enemies in this game (and not in general, I'm not interested in overall design theory)...

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