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[quote=LordCrash][quote=Craftomega]Ok to all those saying no. What about a option for it? Aka a check in the options menu for "Respawning Monsters"

I don't think it would be even. I think that most people don't want respawning enemies and are quite happy how Larian handled the whole issue.

I'm also still waiting for any reasonable argument why there should be respawning enemies in this game (and not in general, I'm not interested in overall design theory)...

1. At present there is a finite amount of mobs, once you get near the end of the game, in theory you should be still accumulating gear, I can see a situation where by you get an epic new item..... and then he game ends with out you seeing how epic that item was......

We all play this game for different reasons, & I agree I dont play this for the loot grind, but if I've invested 100+ hours I would like to see how my party works outs.

2. Some people might not feel like starting form scratch when they have completed the game..... but might still want to do some fights, when all the mobs are gone then they are left will no choice but to restart...

This is not me saying that the game is bad how it is, I love it how it is..... I'm just offering an opinion.

Well, basically you want Larian to change basic game design. That's like saying "Hm, I think CoD is a nice FPS but I think Activision should give the player an option to play it as third person shooter.

There are reasons why Larian designed the game how it is designed. That maybe doesn't appeal to everyone but everything which is in the game is there because Larian had a certain vision for the game.

We don't talk about certain usability improvements or bugfixing or stuff like that, we talk about basic game design. Of course we have all different reasons to play this game but you want actually something else which isn't in line with the vision for this game. It's imo a little bit pretentious to demand something like that from a developer tbh... wink

I'm certainly not demanding anything from anyone.... Its a forum, which is a place to exchange ideas, that's all.

I purchased the game way back when it was in Alpha (Like most I assume), without any idea what the final product would be like, & what we have is great, but it does not mean that its perfect so discussing this is a good way to gauge opinions.

I gave you two valid points why respawning might benefit the game I would like to know your thoughts on the two points?

The fact also remains that visions can change, because they did not have respawning does not mean it was not part of their concepts? just like Night/ day cycle was originally 'vision' for the game but we did not get it..... (sad face)