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Neither of your points is convincing imo:

1) You don't need more epic loot after the game is over. That's how a game with a start and a finish works.

2) And again it's a game with a start and an end.

You basically want a neverending game. That is just not the focus and the idea of this game. This game wants to tell a story and and offer a certain "closed" but well crafted experience.

If you want to change or expand that feel free to make a mod. That's why Larian offered mod tools for free. But don't expect Larian to change their vision and idea for the game just because some people might prefer another experience. wink

I think you are misunderstanding my sentiments. I am not demanding or expecting that Larian change anything...... please understand I know the concept of the game, a start & a finish... the point that we are discussing is whether people would like the option.. there is no right on wrong opinion, its a forum to express ideas & see what other people say or feel.

Like you say, mods are ideal, I have no idea how to do such a thing.... don't have time either ( to busy hording every barrel)

Let me give you an example, The witcher 2.. it has a start & a finish, it is also linear.... but after a few months they introduced an arena that simply provided a different experience.

This would be ideal for a mod, so Larian can spend their time on other things....Night & Day (Cough cough)