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I think some of you haven't understood that "stretch goals" on kickstarter are not really mandatory...

I think you haven't understood that when you start adding stretch goals, people will expect you to adhere to the promises you make when you state the goals should they be funded, just as they do the goals you announce in the project kickoff, and it is your performance in this regard that you'll be measured on when considering whether you are honouring your promises or not.

Stretch goals aren't "optionals" if funded - they are goals that explicitly expand the scope of the original project proposal in order to achieve one or more of achieving greater funding, providing a better product, or rewarding backers more (which is why a project creator needs to be damn careful about what which stretch goals he makes, if any).

When a company says "if we get X money, we will do Y", then everybody but the most blinkered will consider that as a promise by them to do Y should they get X, not as a statement that they might consider doing Y under such circumstances if the stars align correctly.

If they want to make an optional goal that they'll do their best to fulfill but might not depending on circumstances, then they need to make that explicit.

Kickstarter is based on trust, and honouring promises is the foundation of trust.


But I also think that we can agree that Larian are good guys. wink

Not I. I do not know them personally to say whether they are good guys or not.

What they do appear to me to be are professional, and that's about as high a praise as I am willing to extend to any team of developers I do not know personally.

When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.