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the story line promoted not killing anyone...

Were you playing a different game than me? The story constantly encouraged you to kill, although it did reward non-lethal styles with a calmer, more stable city (which is quite appropriate, in my opinion). After all, you were rescued to become an assassin for the loyalists. I'd say that's pretty encouraging toward the "kill all enemies" approach.

Mind you, I usually prefer playing non-lethal (as with most stealth games, when given the choice), though I did a recent lethal playthrough.

Don't want to see this degenerate into a discussion of another game but can't let this pass:

Did you play the expansion centered on Daud? Daud was the assassin who kills the empress at the beginning. In the expansion he is driven by guilt to right the wrongs he committed in the initial game. However if you play Daud very lethally it sets up an encounter with Corvo where you beg for forgiveness and his decision is based entirely on how you've played up to that point. I don't think that game encouraged a "kill all enemies" approach at all.