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Quite frankly, random encounters and respawning monsters never really work in a single player or story driven RPG. (the only game that managed to pull this off THAT I PLAYED is Diablo).

Considering that it's the norm for RPG's to have respawns and wandering mobs I don't know how in hell you can possibly say "it never really works in single player~..." It would have been the dumbest thing I'd read if I hadn't read the second part of your comment.

Diablo, a story driven RPG.. WTF??????????

Do you see that little 2 letter word there? the "or". This is an english word that means that it either the one, or the other case.
Diablo is indeed not a story driven game, but it is considered a single player game

And I wan't talking about Diablo 3 btw, that game is an insult to it precessors

So you mention Diablo as an example of a single player game that "pulled it of". Pulling of single player that is...