This is driving me nuts. My friend and I have had this on both his and my computer (No matter who hosts)

The game is basically unplayable and after being level 5 and still dealing with this issue, I've just about reached my limit. It crashes almost guaranteed every time we get out of a battle.

If we don't immediately pause after a battle, wait a bit, and quick save, it crashes on us. Usually closing the program completely out before even saying anything. No lag at all, just an instant close and I'm sitting on my desktop.

It seems to have something to do with looting items, but I'm not 100% certain. We both have steam version.

Is anyone else having this problem in multiplayer? Any fixes? I honestly can't believe this game has been released yet with this large of a nonprog. Class A repeatable bugs smirk

No game as of late has made me so damn angry. Being booted out after you beat a 10 minute boss or whatever is the most annoying feeling in the world. Paying 40+ dollars for this game and having these issues happen again and again really really hurts when you only have 2 days a week to play the damned game. Sorry for my rant I'm just fuming.

^ Report from the DOS program.
Would also like to mention this happened on a clean install, and w/ the 4 player mod as well.

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