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I've uploaded a new version that fixes the incorrect talent saving bug and the skills disappearing bug.

Could you post the link? I used one that's been floated around the forum but the exe has been last modified yesterday. I have 0.1.12b, is that the most recent?

edit: So I thing I got the right version but now the talent list in lstools doesn't correspond to what shows up ingame "Opportunist" turns into "Speed Creeper" and such.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32263228/lstools.zip always contains the latest version.

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I think lone-wolf doesn't work as it triggers a character flag which doesn't have a deactivation. That makes the most sense.

Indeed it doesn't; if you enable if from the save editor it won't trigger the code paths that are responsible for making companions leave, etc.

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This last update now has chrome flagging the zip file as malicious.

Just chrome being chrome; it'll randomly mark any Dropbox download link as malicious for me frown

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Yeah, some of the talents are still mixed up. I had to give myself Sight to get RogueLoreBackstab which is really backstab in the game. The backstab item in the editor gives you Assassin, which is a crazy talent (backstab with any weapon, lol).

What version are you using? It should be fixed in 0.1.12b

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There's one option I'd like to see: The ability to level items up to your current level.
That'd make my day. smile

It isn't that easy, as changing the level of an item won't change its stats; those are only generated once, when the item is dropped.