Proof that reviews are completely pointless and no one with an IQ over 50 should bother with them is that we have some "professional" reviews below 70 and others 95, even 100. Yes, i know that's why averages are there but it's realy ridiculous and unprofessional to see reviews so far from the average. If the games were to be reviewed with clean professional standards than the scores should be closer to the average, right? It's basicaly just personal tastes of people we don't know trying to seem "professional" and "experienced" wich is a full load of BS.

If reviews are informative and professional that we feel that personal tastes are puting aside and the journalist is being objective i can understand, but the industry is being flooded with "personal reviews" that serve no purpose.

Also for the love of god i can't understand users 100 or 10/10 scores, as i can't undersand 0 user reviews. It's just absurd to say the game is perfect or so bad that it doesnt even deserve 1 point.

Simply pointless system.From now on I'll make my own mind in any game i'm looking to purchage based on gameplay videos and ignore all reviews, thank you. Very disapointed with this whole review industry, it's realy way worse than i thought in the beggining.

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