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Well, you still haven't actually said anything at all. You've told us all an idea won't work and you've provided zero justification for your argument. Mostly you're just coming across as a negative asshole.

I commented that this idea would never work yet somehow that's "saying nothing" according to you. Oh and namecalling? Haha really?

You still haven't given your reason for why you claim this idea wouldn't work.

Mr. C: <shares idea>
Diabolus: Your idea wouldn't work
Mr. C: Would you explain why you claim it wouldn't work?
Diabolus: I said it wouldn't work.
Mr. C: Ok...but why wouldn't it work???
Diabolus: Did you not catch the part where I said it wouldn't work???

The above is an exaggeration of the conversation...but the point is the same. Mr. C has asked you to clarify WHY you think the idea wouldn't work...but in the 3 posts you've given, you have yet to do so. All you are doing is re-asserting your claim that it won't work without explaining why.

Are you going to tell me something I don't already know? In any case, thanks for the recap. I've been here the whole time too btw. You forgot the part about where he (incorrectly) thinks my comments are based on the complexity of his suggestion. Oh and let me add that his idea would never work.

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