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Diabolus - You could have just answered the simple question. You've gone out of your way NOT to answer it with a rationale response, and have instead provided trolling responses. As a result, I've reported you to the moderators for trolling.

Have a good day.

And what's your contribution to this thread? Other than harassing me I mean. Six posts in and you still haven't posted a single thing relevant to the thread topic. And Mr.C? I disagree with his idea and right away I'm a "negative a-hole". LOL. Don't ask for people's opinions if you don't want them, Mr.C.

Mr. C calls me an a-hole and posts silly pictures, you create a forum account just to come into the thread, ignore the topic and continually harass me, and YOU'RE reporting ME?! LOL that's a good one. Good luck with that.

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