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Diabolus - My contribution to this thread was helping weed out a troll.

Your contribution was offering an intentionally vague and provoking comment right out of the gate, and then failing to elaborate on it when asked over and over and over. Instead you decided to repeat the original comment...as though it was profound enough to speak for itself without needing further clarification (which it failed in that respect, in case you didn't notice).

About the original idea? Sure...why not. The system for crafting currently in the game feels very half-baked. Mr. C's idea (along with probably 100 others) would be better than what's currently in the game.

At the end of the day, the main point is this: You've had so many chances to do the decent thing, and simply answer an easy question...but you instead wanted to instigate even more (as a troll would do) by purposefully not answering it with your responses.

When you tell somebody their idea won't work, and then they ask you why it won't work...a valid response is not "because it won't work"...Yet that's the only answer you've given multiple times. That's why you were reported for trolling.

I don't know how many different ways I can say "this idea would never work". What don't you understand?