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To be frank, i honestly think Larian should make a stance to not port or make it available to PS4. If they are holding content on their platform and forcing PC gamers to purchase their hardwares and pay subscriptions, why should PC games make available on their platform?

These corporate giants has been constantly trying to kill off PC gaming solely for the purpose of their own benefits so that they have part of their market share in gaming entertainment. PC gaming is not dead in anyway if you look at the MOBA like LoL and DOTA (which currently having TI4 International matches in US).

Console gaming has nothing more than trying to kill off PC gaming. Do you see MOBA or any RTS in E3? It's all about HYPE and false advertising (demonstrating next-generation games on high-end PCs) while the end-product that land on gamers hand is no where in comparison.

If console gaming STOP these exclusive crap, then by ALL means do release the game to consoles (i'm not selfish like some Japanese corporations).

To be honest your seems just an inaccurate rant, but I did't dig through the whole thread so I'm not sure you were referring to my last post.

You're calling-in PS4 but I in no-way have said this game should go on that platform or even (worse) another One, just that "on PC" adding full controller support could "boost the sales" and "make a lot of people happy" since the trend is growing fast.

To tell it all, on a second thought, it wouldn't be a so bad idea after all, in fact this game is one of those evergreen gems which, even if best suited on pC on which they can live longer, it would perfectly fit a PS4 as well, if a Diablo III does...

You also speak about "killing-off" PC gaming which is not the case, no publisher of "console games" would like to cut-off his fair share of PC gamers since multi-platform releases are a thing.

Also, please forgive me, but I think your first statement make no sense at all in its second part and the answer is simple enough, or, because when you release a game on PC you don't force anyone to buy YOUR hardware cause you do not have interests in doing that, then it's easy to understand how it could be a good idea to release the suitable games on the widest platform park as possible, costs-benefits ratio allowing, your reason seems just a, no offense intended, childish selfishness.

To cut the debate however, the point is "controller support on PC" due to very reasonable grounds, if planning a release on consoles could help mitigate the cost of the operation and improve the aforementioned costs-benefits ratio, well, it would be welcome, why not ?