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I think the decision to port or not is going to be based on expected sales volumes for Larian.
If there is going to be a demand for it then they will port it and hopefully make some money in the process.

My opinion on the topic is to be careful with porting it to platforms. The target market for this game is more the old school players. When you take a look at console consumers they are more the variety of quick consumption games. Fast paced titles such as FPS's and Beatemup. From an RPG perspective JRPG's are the most influential. With JRPG I am talking about RPG's in the style of FF and even there you see a trend towards action orientation where you need to make quick decisions on what skills a party member uses. Terrain and strategy is in that regards more limited than what D:OS offers.

So bottom line: I'm not sure if consoles is the right market for D:OS and if the demand is going to cover the cost of porting it.

Before going down that road I'd do some market research. Maybe do another KS or something to fund a port to see if there is community demand for it. That way you could cover your porting costs and be certain you aren't throwing money out of the window.

This is the longest version of what I was saying above, it makes perfect sense and I agree 100%, still the controller support by itself even without an ongoing console port, I think could greatly improve the (open-minded) PC gamers experience with all the possible benefits, included but not limited to calling-in people who like the most playing a game in a confortable fashion, my point is not meant only to just improve the experience of the ones already owning the game but dragging in even the ones who didn't buy it alredy cause they would like to play it on their HDTVs and sitting on a confortable couch and, since to date is not possible and/or confortable as it should, they are simply waiting for news in this regards (yes, I'm one of them).