My post was not referring to anyone in particular. Calling my post in-accurate is mostly your opinion or probably many more. But even so, that does not makes an opinion invalid or in-accurate.

I'm not sure what's the cost to port it to a controller and probably there could be simplifications required on the UI/menus to suit it better for gaming with a controller and hence even more cost and resources involved. Also, your opinion on support could "boost the sales" and "make a lot of people happy" since the trend is growing fast. That is just merely your opinion that it could "boost the sales" simply in convincing Larian to port it to a controller. Try making a poll or a petition and get as many valid signed, and agreed players then you make a point.

My opinion is by no mean saying no to controller support. If it's going to cost Larian a great deal plus with the UI/menus modifications, then by no means do not put it as a priority at this moment. Much can be put on fixing bugs, optimizing, attending to players who have problems launching the game as well as added content.

And my final point is, i don't hate console-gaming. Fact is that their "closed-minded" practices that trying to persuade most developers/publishers to go their platform while holding content exclusively on their own. It's like they are calling everyone for support while they are not going to support you but only their own. It's a selfish and monopolising practice in my opinion.

Again i'm stressing i represent no one in the gaming community but only my own and my own opinion and views. You should as well do not make remarks like "boost sales" based on your opinion simply because you desperately need controller support.