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Give me a PC game built for PCs which doesn't cater to console gamers and shoddy ported menu systems that are obtrusive when using a keyboard and mouse.

You mean like Divinity: Original Sin?

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Could they add this feature in now? Sure, but I'd be rather annoyed if they were to do so when the UI could use some improvements before thinking about controller support. Even after some added polish to the current UI and bug fixes I'd rather they worked on good old fashioned expansions, not modern day micro DLC, to part more of my cash from me.

How about both? Also don't forget, with a larger market means more money. Given that money makes the world go round, they could end up doing both. And when I say "larger market" I'm not referring to dumbing the game down so that Joe Blow's shit up in Call of Duty can play it, but simply port it to console.

I'm 100% in favor of controller support and a console port. I don't own any working consoles, and the only console games I really play are PS2 games in PCSX2 (PS2 emulator).

As for examples of games that use controller, my favorite example is Champions of Norrath. Of all the RPGs I've played that allow for controller input, it has the best controls. However, it is an action RPG.

I think, ForkTong, you guys should be instead looking at turn based tactical games such as X-Com. I haven't played much of X-Com, but from what I have played, I think its controls are closer to what you guys are looking for. That and Dragon Age: Orgins on console. There is a lot I don't like about how they ported it (they got rid of the isometric perspective is at the top of the list), but I think, if I recall correctly, the controllers were pretty good. Of course, that was many years ago when DA:O first came out for PS3. I haven't played it since. I purchased a PC copy of it since real-time with pause works better with KB/M, but turn based works just as well with a controller, in my opinion, as KB/M does.

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