I would also like to address some of the comments about console killing PC gaming (which also encompasses Mac and Linux, though not really *BSD, or AIX, or Haiku, or ...). I don't feel as if console is trying to kill PC gaming. It s been mentioned that E3 lacked any of the traditional PC-only genres, and I don't doubt that. However, to say this is evidence that console is killing PC gaming is simply a reactionary response to feeling increasingly isolated from the rest of the gaming community. What is really killing these genres is that others, most notably shooters and action games, are killing RTS and non-Action RPGs. Furthermore, its not that we are a dying breed, but rather that these other types of gamers have grown up around us and in great numbers.

Whom do I speak of? The casual gamer, Joe Blow's shit up in Call of Duty, or Joe Blow for short. Joe blow just wants to kick back and fell like a bad ass without really trying. I myself try to push myself to my limits to get a sense of accomplishment. If I'm not failing, I'm not really playing. These sorts of games, since someone figured out how to make shooters work with a controller, have become the domain of the console which offers a physically more comfortable setting. Hunched over a keyboard with a mouse sitting in an office chair is not as pleasant an experience as stretched out on a couch with a controller resting in my lap. The majority of gamers want to be comfortable both physically and mentally, and that means console and the sorts of games that are published for console. Its not that PC games as we know and love them are dying out, its that we represent a much smaller market.

Not only are real time Strategy and non-action RPG games better with KB/M they are also easier, I have read, to develop on PC so that the smaller market is compensated with lower development cost. As such, we get stuck on PC, while the rest of the casual gamers are happy on console. In this way we end up with an "us versus them" situation. All this together makes it seem as if console is kill PC gaming.

[edit] As a corollary, releasing more games like D:OS onto console will in fact help rather than hurt, as some have suggested, the current situation.

[edit2] Holy shit, just realized this thread was epicly necro'ed. I hope the devs are still open to the idea of a controller an console port.

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