Hello everyone
I Suppose most of you already found out what i'm about to list but i thought it would help lots of you
The thing is, if norbyte or some other programmers were able to modify lstool to allow item editing the same way they did for characters

Concerning item editing

first thing, try to find your item (HARD)
able to find it? good
now the nodes
it look that way, and i'll describe anything i could find
....Item (here we begin, general info)
.....Generation (boost subtrees add bonuses to the item)
.....ItemMachine (always empty?)
.....Stats (some things)
......PermanentBoost (seems to be the ADDED (like ruby) bonuses
.......Abilities (?)
.....StatusManager (didn't actually messed with this one)

"Item" node :
ammount : amount (no kidding!)
current template (Visual)
CurrentTemplateType ?
Flags ?
Global ?
Inventory ?
IsGenerated ? (uniques are not)
IsKey checked if it is a key (for doors)
Key which door or chest it open
Level if not in inventory, the area(cyseal, lucula...) where it is
LifeTime ?
LockLevel ?
OriginalTemplate (useful? game refers to CureentTemplate)
OriginalTemplateType ?
Parent ? (but when put to 0 it disappeared from my inventory)
Scale ? (maybe real proportion? always 1 as far as i see)
Slot (Inventory Slot)
Stats (seems to look like some referal Template)
Owner (the actual owner of the item, refering by its ID)

Sorry i'll finish later I Got to Go

Just know that i've been able to create a unique and a legendary armor with 110% res against all elem including poison and tenebrium, with bonuses in all stats, armor rating, durability...

Since it seems rather easy to modify everything with a not so easy LSTOOL, I hope you'll be able to Make it a bit more user friendly, like you did for base stats for characters
and add search and copy paste, please, if you can
It is no order!, i'm no programmer and i more than respectful for all your work so far, so keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you

PS: if You could also look for Skills, which also is relatively easy to moify, but need to find skills name by name to add them...

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