@Archaven: first by first you shouldn't hint me what should be my behavior since that is "my opinion" as well as your is "your opinion" then. On a second line yes I do believe that widening the audience for the game, if not way too much out of range, could lead to only benefts for the game and the support the devs can give to it, included but not limited to bug-fixes, polishing, improvements and added content as well. My point is rather simple, many people are simply avoiding the game since is not in-line with the current vision of gaming, what I mean ? Simply put, I'm an old-time gamer since arcade cabinets, Apple II and 286 rigs and a "proud" PC gamer, I've never had a specific interest in Diablo I until I played it on a PSX, well I found it really briliant and thought on PC it could have been tenfold better, I was wrong, while the graphics were effectively better the controls were painfully unconfortable compared to its "poor" console version...and I didn't ply it for long on a console with a gamepad, I was coming from PC and played it few hours, not enough to get soaccustomed to it to have a chance to blame just the time spent as a reason, it was simply tenfold more enjoyable accordingly to my tastes, this game on PC or consoles with gamepad support can be tenfold more enjoyable the same and a real blast. I dont' comment on your statement blaming me to hint these things -since "I" would rather play it another way than M/K- sorry but this just proves a ceratin lack of maturity in your thoughts and comments by itself, feel free to read ahead in the other answers why, though.

@nstgc: I agree with you 100%, nothing more to add.

@Muz333: I don't think it's in your charge to decide whether or not this game could be suited to be ported or just to get controller support on PC, you have to consider one thing, it's not that you can decide what is right or what it's not for the devs unless you're one of them, are you ?

Is it so embarassing for you this chance ? Are you like "Ohmy, oh-my-God, they've made few millons more and now can afford to make some awesome additional content for this game and polish it even more" ?

You don't get few things:

1) adding a "good" native controller support would not deprive the game in any shape or form, it's NOT they "have" to "change" something for you who want to play it on M/K, it would be just a "plus".

2) opening to consoles, if enough cost-effective, could bring HUGE benefits to the franchise, to the devs and to PC gamers as well in terms of "more revenues" which could be converted in "more support".

3) don't forget that on consoles usually many ones agree to pay more for the "slot in the disk and play" effect, this could compensate an initial not-so-large audience.

4) anyway *could* be a smart move since the lack of actual releases on those platforms.

5) it could help to bring back on the right path people who are not yet completely CoD-kiddies elarging the market for future expansions, additional content, additional chapters and so on.

6) It's not "my" opinion since I would like to have controller support, it's simply I have my eyes wide open on which direction the markets are going and with this I'm absolutely NOT saying it would be a good thing to please the markets DESPITE quality and support to PC community, on contrary, to keep the quality high there is the need of funds which can satisfyingly increse reaching as many customers as possible, despite the localism of a restricted crowd of selfish, so-called, blinders-equipped "PC elitist".

I consider myself a true PC elitist since I bind my satisfaction to the way which gives me more accordingly ro my tastes and not simply signing with blood with mouse and keybord which, to tell it all, were designed to "play" LM, assembler and DOS, the latter not acronym of Divinity: Original Syn but Disk Operating System.

I don't want to seem harsh but there is no point in going against a "pseudo new" trend, I say "pseudo new" since I hooked up my first PC gamepad/controller into the "game port" of a late '80s "rig" (and is not a good reason enough to make me feel a traitor of the "PC-Gaming Master Race").


A game doesn't become "worse" just adding a native gamepad support, no-one will force anyone to use it and chances are it could please more people and improve the revenues leading to more resources at disposal to give more support and more quality to EVERYONE, it's simply a win-win move saw either in the short, middle and long term.