Not to mention that an alternative UI, while require some skills, is a relatively short piece of code, the same is for binding controls to another source of inputs, if you think well at it, building a M/K interface require almost the same effort it's only a matter of shape and binding.

We don't have to forget that previous-gen consoles had a completely different architecture from PC as well, PPC against x86.

On a side note, D2 was an absolutely amazing game on PC and the interface for gamepad, due to the consoles versions, was (I think) at least 95% ready, why they didn't implement it is still a mystery, the game could have greatly benefit from this.

To give a suggestion to the devs, I hint them to dust-off a PSX and try Diablo on it, I reiterate Dungeon Siege III, despite few weaknesses, it's gamepad-wise nearly a masterpiece and it has coop functions they had to deal with as well.

About various complaints, in about 1 month Diablo III will be released for old and current generation of consoles, you can't say Blizzard isn't a PC juggernaut thus they must be fuckingly stupid to open at console versions...or maybe not ?

D:OS is better than DIII in many ways, I can't see a good reason enough to not jump on the train, if you know what I mean, but there is to hammer the iron while it's red hot, the earlier you move the longer the lifespan, the bigger the success.

Of course, this is just "my" opinion stomping on solid grounds.

EDIT: To be more precise, I do believe that just implementing full controller support would be an enough winning move, console producers HATE that good PC games features controller support since they know which version is far superior and is for this reason Blizzard will most likely never implement a controller support to Diablo III on PC, cause this will "force" the ones who want to play it with a more relaxing gamepad to buy a console, till now D:OS is PC only and going the "port to console" way will probably not be the "best" way, for sure the above reason will apply even to Larian and they would be forced to leave the game without gamepad support on PC, I would say having this support could drag in nearly every DIII disappointed fan at the base of whom wishes there is to play a good isometric RPG with gamepad support, this at the sound of "Blizzard didn't allow us this, fuck Blizzard".

IMHO as always.

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