Hey guys,

since I'm pretty unhappy with my character class choice and don't want to start all over again, I searched for a savegame editor to change my class.

So first: there is no real "class" saved, right ? it's just a matter of traits, base stats etc when it comes to picking a character class. So my idea was to create a new character and just copy those stats to the other savegame.

So far so good ... the problem is: when I open a savegame (globals.lsb), edit some stuff in the character tab and then "File -> save" it, nothing is saved. I close and reopen the savegame but nothing has changed ... all stats are back to original (I even just tried to boost a stat up 1 point).

Using 0.1.12d (even tried to open it as admin).

Any advice ?


Thanks for the help.