First of all, this is a very nice, enjoyable game. Congratulations!

The save issues have NOT been solved with any update, and when so many users report them one should expect Larian studios to finally solve that extremely annoying problem.

As it is now, the game simply hangs at every some save operations, and this means:
- every time a stop by task manager and complete restart provoking your patience
- every time a pure waste of time and boring need to replay 10-15 minutes (if you save more frequently you just get the hangs faster, if you save later, you may have lost half an hour)

This way this game is just no useable at all, and I expect Larian studios to change that fast.
It is not our task to find murky, doubtful workarounds (or even some requiring readjusting after using them) for the most basic functionality of a game.

Come on guys: fix the basics before doping anything else!

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