Thank you, I got it working!

however, now that I have my character opened and I'm looking at my abilities, after selecting the right character with the drop down, it shows my Bartering/Charisma/Leadership/Crafting at 0. In the game however, those are all 1. I've used the editor to change the zero to a one, and now they say 2 ingame. I've made sure to try this out after unequiping all my gear just to make sure bonuses are not confusing me.

Is there another list I should be looking at to change these Ability points?

Edit: My goal is to make Bartering/charisma/Leadership/Craftin all zero in game so i can put them some where else and have a different character pick up these rolls.

Edit2: i've figured it all out, they are coming from my dialog decisions, I didnt realize that was a thing. i've got it all under control now.

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