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Completely agree with you mate, but there are people here who instead of having both options of free mods and paid mods, they DEMAND that everything stays free, they talk about people being greedy for wanting a reward but fail to see their even worse own greed, they dont want to pay but want to still have access to all contents, cheapskates is the correct word here by a mile.
Nobody's !!!DEMANDING!!! anything from you, if you're not willing to put out free mods then you can simply not contribute. There's no gun to your head. Nobody will faint, lamenting the fact that forum poster blazed did not release a realistic farting butts mod or whatever it is you want to charge money for.

Meanwhile, you could pick up unity, unreal, crytek, or any other actual for-commercial-development engine and go make your dream video game, and legally get away with charging people money for it. Divinity need not be a factor at all in this, unless the only reason you're thrashing about is because you specifically want to be building on the existing work rather than creating your own.