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I agree Neurotoxin, that small crappy mods shouldn't be sold I'm talking about big mods that are quality, but hey man if someone wants to pay someone else who made a crappy mod then more power to them, I wouldn't stand in their way, even tho I wouldn't personally depart with my money so easily myself.

Anyway theres no point arguing with people here that want force things to be free, people who wouldn't buy mods anyway, I'm not interested in those people, people that under value other's work because apparently spending hours recreating a whole new storyline with new features or arts that may take weeks or months to do is not actually work right? I guess those level designers who place things around in game studios shouldn't be paid a salary, those lazy b*****ds sitting on their chair all day!

Seriously people take your heads out of your arses, FREE stuff, content or otherwise is a gift, only one that has any say in this matter is Larian due to Copyrights.

And I hope Larian does find some way to allow more opportunities and reap more rewards themselves because they all deserve it.

You already Paid your $40 or whatever, you got your Game Divinity: Original Sin, You got the story line, You got the Engine Editor, You're NOT ENTITLED to any more free things, They are a gift from Larian, the modders, they should be able to choose to make it PAID or FREE rather than FREE or Nothing.

It's really a stupid argument that's not hitting home in some unwired brains.

More options = Better
Less options = Worse.

I'm gonna assume that you are delusional.

No one is demanding free content, in fact, no one is asking for any kind of content right now.