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Ok, let me get this straight. You are pitching a fit because people don't agree that you should be able to earn money from what is largely another person's copyright work, and you're calling other's entitled?

Also, just so you're aware, many of the people you are calling entitled whiners with their heads up their asses are modders who put out quality content for free because they enjoy it. We are long time members of the modding community. We do it for the community, because we enjoy learning, because we enjoy the challenge, because it interests us, and because it's fun.

Yes I'm pitching a fit as you can clearly see from my writing that I'm being completely hysterical and a drama queen about the whole ordeal.

Actually I'm just annoyed that people feel the need to restrict others because of their own greed, I'm just asking for more options here, I'm not saying free mods should stop all together, I'm saying we could have free and paid mods and Larian could also benefit off the paid mods and bring us even better future games.

But you are self-entitled You want to limit it to only free mod, you want to be more restrictive about it, the choice isn't yours but with so much protest I doubt it could ever be a possibility as a respect to the fan base.

If you are a Modder you can still achieve everything you mentioned and you can make a little bit of buck on the side to pay maybe your food expenses as a gratitude and appreciation from your mod fans. Geez.

People are acting like it's an outright scam. As if it isn't actually work invested and money is unfairly taken from them, it makes me giggle.

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