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@mod sellers

Here, let me share some stuff:

3 major mods.
Thousands of hours in the making.
For free.
Shared code.

Yes, I know, it must hurt your little capitalist brain to see this, huh ? Making my day hehe

We do it for the community, because we enjoy learning, because we enjoy the challenge, because it interests us, and because it's fun.

And because we prize th value of Gifting. And because I myself had so much fun with amazing free mods, that I gave it back to the modding community as a tribute to nice people.

Thank you sir I really didn't know there was any truely free mods in this world you have enlightened me, I didn't know the original counter-strike was also a completely free mod that got bought out by valve and they became quite wealthy but anyway...

So heres the thing, I have no problem with you doing your thing... and for free...

So heres the other thing, Why do you have a problem with modders making money from people who actually want to buy their mod (given that Larian allows it)

You see? You want your cake and eat it. You want to restrict others.