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I agree Neurotoxin, that small crappy mods shouldn't be sold I'm talking about big mods that are quality, but hey man if someone wants to pay someone else who made a crappy mod then more power to them, I wouldn't stand in their way, even tho I wouldn't personally depart with my money so easily myself.

Anyway theres no point arguing with people here that want force things to be free, people who wouldn't buy mods anyway, I'm not interested in those people, people that under value other's work because apparently spending hours recreating a whole new storyline with new features or arts that may take weeks or months to do is not actually work right? I guess those level designers who place things around in game studios shouldn't be paid a salary, those lazy b*****ds sitting on their chair all day!

Seriously people take your heads out of your arses, FREE stuff, content or otherwise is a gift, only one that has any say in this matter is Larian due to Copyrights.

And I hope Larian does find some way to allow more opportunities and reap more rewards themselves because they all deserve it.

You already Paid your $40 or whatever, you got your Game Divinity: Original Sin, You got the story line, You got the Engine Editor, You're NOT ENTITLED to any more free things, They are a gift from Larian, the modders, they should be able to choose to make it PAID or FREE rather than FREE or Nothing.

It's really a stupid argument that's not hitting home in some unwired brains.

More options = Better
Less options = Worse.

I feel like you only read the first and last paragraphs of my post. Like I stated in the second, if you're making something that's your own (more detailed explanation of that in my previous post) I see no reason that you shouldn't be allowed to sell it. But at the point that it's something that should be sellable it also shouldn't be dependent on owning a different game unless it's pricing model is similar to DLC.

I get that the divinity engine is nice for this type of game, but with the lack of stability, features and documentation that comes with the tools I don't see this engine being something worth (at this point in time) investing the effort it would take to make such a complete work unless you are extremely passionate about it. If you're just out for profits, at what point does having 3 months worth of work bug out because the editor derped become a problem?

I'm not saying "OH NOES! SOMEONE WANTS MONIES!!" But I don't think you'll find the market you're expect asking for someone to pay for a mod. You would probably make more from making it and offering a donation button assuming you've released something that's quality. I've personally donated to modders, I always take adfly links where made available and can be very generally supportive. However if money is expected before I can even use it I'll probably scroll right passed as many others will I can assume.

I get that modding takes effort, time and resources. I've made a handful of small mods for minecraft, I recently started work on one for Kerbal Space program that won't be anywhere near ready for release for a while and I've made mods for all 3 of the most recent elder scrolls games as well as the 2 fallout games. That being said, knowing what it actually CAN take to make a mod, I agree the modder should be able to gain recompense, but that recompense should come from people that feel the modder deserves it OR it is of sufficient quality that it would be accepted as it's own game.

I'm not trying to start any kind of argument, I'm only saying that the resources Larian would have to put out to make sure "nude mod #42" isn't charging $50 for nearly 0 content is likely not going to happen. Sure you could make a painstaking process for applying for a "partnership" or whatever it would be a pain as well as strict acceptance guidelines but let's face it, there will be more people applying with little junk like that than there will be people who legitimately deserve acceptance.

I also don't mean to say ANY mod is garbage or crap, Anyone willing to put in whatever amount of effort is necessary deserves some level of respect for their work.

How would you suggest a fair pricing kind of plan work? I'll say it now, a charge what you want plan would not work out, there'd be people undervaluing their work, and people severely over valuing theirs. If you're thinking, "well I just thought like $5 a sale" wouldn't you be better off just going free, getting that extra exposure and having some people donating $5, some donating $10, and the occasional under $5 or not at all than having 1/3 as many people even bothering to read the description because it has a price tag?

Anyway, I'm gonna leave it at that. It's:
A) Not worth arguing about.
B) Not something we can actually change one way or the other, it's entirely in Larian's court what comes of it.