I did read your posts Neurotoxin, it's just hard to soak it all in and address everything.
Anyway I do agree with a lot of what you're saying.

However I personally don't feel donations (are they even allowed for divinity?) will work for story driven games, they usually do well for Multiplayer games that have a good amount of replay value.

Most people who play a story campaign will only play it once, finish it and think well that was great but meh, and move on and forget about it. They also won't come back for new updates, bug fixes and side quests so the story needs to be finished fully.

My idea was to advertise it through screen shots, story line, and videos and then maybe charge like $5 for a whole campaign.

Donations are great way for multiplayer games where people are constantly reminded and come back and engage in a community, It also works well with Twitch gamers, the popular channels that advertise their donations live make a lot of money from playing copyrighted games.

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