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You do raise a good point, especially considering the state documentation on the editor is currently. If Paid mods were implemented, nobody would want to share how they figured out how to do x thing because now they have a leg up on everyone else.

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Most people who play a story campaign will only play it once, finish it and think well that was great but meh, and move on and forget about it. They also won't come back for new updates, bug fixes and side quests so the story needs to be finished fully.

My idea was to advertise it through screen shots, story line, and videos and then maybe charge like $5 for a whole campaign.

I still to this day play Fallout 3, fallout:NV, (Admitedly rarely ->) Oblivion, Skyrim, I even recently just reinstalled the first 2 fallout games. The first thing I do after a hiatus from playing any of these games I so love, is go look at mods. One of my main bookmarks is the mod release section of the Kerbal Space Program forum which is not a multiplayer game. Sure, donations and such are viable in multiplayer games, but I feel they are more so in single player. What's better than finding a new mod for a game you love, SP or MP? I prefer modding single player games over multiplayer because it's a pain for MP. Gotta have the right version for the game, the game itself has to be the right version, then everyone needs to make sure they're on the exact same version of (I've been on servers with 50+ mods without a modpack) all their mods, then one mod screws up so you have some running at newest some running at 3 versions ago and some that will never be updated and you have to abandon to even play with your friends because OMG! LEASHES ARE AMAZING WE HAVE TO UPDATE NAO! I've run a MC server before and because it took 4 days for bukkit to update we lost 75% of our playerbase because EMERALDS!

I'm just saying that Donations, referral links and even making your own videos of tutorials or features of you mods (with ads enabled) can be viable no matter whether it's singleplayer or multi.

The second point I quoted there goes back to a point from my previous post. By having a price tag you'll be losing tons of people that are going to go, Oh a new mod named "SUPER AMAZING BEST MOD EVER!", oh a pricetag? meh no thanks, without even reading the description. There are TONS of people out there that are willing to donate to a free mod. I've seen people so happy with mods that they've begged the author for a donate button. I'll relate to fishing, Sure with a price tag you'll get a fish of a specific size, but at a much lower rate and NO chance of catching a lunker (someone willing to donate more than the $5 price tag you would have set.)

I know I rebutted the multiplayer argument earlier but back to my MC server days. The server I ran had none of the pay to win crap a lot of them do/did at the time, like buying diamonds or gear or w/e. The only thing we offered for donations was a nametag color change. I had been talking to a friend that ran another server with the pay to win stuff and he said in the long run they had just about everybody donate $5-$10. I had a guy, he'd been with us for a few weeks. He told me he loved how we didn't charge for in game items and other things like that. He donated $75, which paid for the server for 3 more months. He brought friends with, who also donated, who brought friends.. etc.

It's just food for thought. I just strongly feel that keeping it free is a better choice for both the community and you. People can be very generous. On that note, no offense intended, but if you're modding to make money, you're doing it for the wrong reason.

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