You might think of cromcrom as moronic, yet he actually delivered something in his life. I haven't seen any examples in any of your "how can I suck money from people and into my own pockets posts" of what you have achieved in your "career".

Yesterday I wrote an application to load an L3DT heightfile and generate a DOS terrain from it. L3DT being a paying application. I'm in contact with the author of that program cause a while back I had to write libraries to load his lisensed file types into memory data. He had no problem letting me open source that code. I worked about 3 weeks on that in my spare time, lets say about 3 hours a day so that would be 9 days of work at my wages 1020 € or around 1200 $. So according to you anyone should now pay me because I worked on something I enjoyed doing in my free time. Which means I should also pay taxes on it. That in turn means I would have to register myself as a self employed person, which costs money. Again this would mean I'm an official institution that has to formally agree with Larian that I will use their engine.

Then again if you want to bypass all the legal obligations, to make yourself rich and cheat your government out of revenue to help society, I guess that is your preogrative, just makes you a bad person to the community , but well that's fine now isn't it. The world needs more greedy persons that only look after themselfes not enough of them yet.