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I am a moron. I should have charged Zukumani for that:

However, Seeing the thousands of hours I spent into modding as a hobby, the sleepless nights bug hunting, I must admit I sometimes wished I could have made some money out of it.
I was mentally raped to release Rigale code, because at that time, I was a "keep it to myself" coder. But oh the joy when I released the ton of works/code for free (well, not really free actually, just asking for credits out of it...), the relief.
Modding should stay about sharing and gifting.
Then, if great mods catch Larian 's attention, their call to make them stand alone, DLC's and stuff. But it should be a "prove yourself", not a "deal before I deliver" system.

Games and gamers are not worthy of charity though so sorry I don't feel I need to contribute free efforts here. Thanks.

Mods sellers are not worthy of charity though so sorry I don't feel I need to contribute free efforts here. Thanks.

Cromcrom, I said I won't reply to you but I guess I did. As a respect to you, so that I never use your help I have now clicked on your user name and clicked on "Ignore this User". Now you will not contribute anything towards me, not that I care.

You seem to think making a short forum information post about something you know off the top of your head is the same as releasing a game content out. I guess all game developers should release their games for free because they all learnt and copied things from other game developers and professionals.

If you seriously think gaming communities need charity then you are sadly ****ing mistaken, I would much rather you all get off your back sides and exit the nerd rooms to never create a mod in your life ever again and help people in real charities houses instead.

First world problems.

Priorities all wrong.

People trying to make a living, I could understand that.

Modders have this stereotype of being nerds in their parents basements, it's probably true, because I can't see how someone who works full time comes home to his g/f, wife, kids whatever then wants to spend the last few hours of his day trying to make a mod whilst neglecting and ignoring everyone and everything else.

If you want to release a really good mod worthy of anything then you will need to sink in many hours and if you are sinking that many hours you clearly don't have a job and the only thing you are contributing to society is a free mod for a game, whilst leeching off your parents or government benefits. Not a great inspiration at all...

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