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Wonderfull editor man, great job.
Was wondering, is it possible to use it to revive a dead npc?
I would like to resurrect Frederick, I didnt know there was a time limit to finish his quest, the poor guy bled out before I could save him. sad

There may be a way, but his death also updates the story Rete databases in the savagame, which is very hard to revert. So even though he's alive again, the quest will say that he's dead (at least I think).

The relevant code from LUC_ImpMaster.txt (CHARACTER_LUC_ImpSlave == Frederick):

The only way to fix this would be deleting this item from the DB_LUC_IS_SlaveMaster DB, which is not supported by the save editor currently.

Thx for your time man. Actually maybe reviving him would be enough since the quest (to heal him with a bloodstone) doesnt update/show the fact he's dead. So leaving aside story databases, would it be possible to just ressurect him thx to the editor? At least it "should" make me able to talk to him.