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No official statement has been given out about the use of the Engine but currently paid projects are not allowed.

And personally I am with those who hope it stays this way.

Your position is that doing this would generate positive growth in the modding community, and generate revenue for Larian?

While there are games where players are allowed to design things and make monetary gain, the only ones I know of must show that all the art for it is original work. I know of no standing game where modding generates profit in this manner and is successful.

There are however several games that saw LONG life spans from deep rooted modding communities, and current ones that will see the same. Diablo 2, Quake, Minecraft, Terraria, and Space Engineers just to name a few.

For the record your first reply "No offence but it seems people are stomping their feet and demanding free stuff.", was a pretty toxic first response seeing as how Gotcha didn't say he was demanding free stuff and even showed passive support for donations towards modders. So any arguments you get you brought on yourself.

The modding community for this game is in its earliest stages possible, not even all the tutorials are out yet. So much still has yet to be cracked, and slapping $$ on that right out the gate can destroy just as easily build a community further. There already seem to be plenty of dedicated modders who are working on everything from simple to extensive projects knowing the only thing they will gain in the end is giving to the community.