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I just asked very politely to keep opinions out of this as the original posts is about answering specific questions, I really dont care about your opinion, The thread topic or questions is not "HEY GUYS WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS?"

This is a forum, which are places of open discussion most of which is personal opinion so there isn't any way for someone to respond without it being an opinion. You asked the Devs a question which is a hot topic for a lot of people, since historically in some forum communities changes have been made in games based on that feedback expect to get both sides of it.

If every reply you got was of an opinion supporting your own I doubt you'd object to all the opinionated posts.

The fact that you say I was the first to be toxic is by far a big joke you bloody moron.

First 3 posts to reply to me included an uncalled for:

Modding for selling = end of the community. Period.
Do the community some good, stick to Unity.

really, people wanting to sell their mods are plain greedy.

Selling mods sounds more cancerous than EA.

Sure I was the one that was being toxic and negative...

Great spot.

I didn't attack you with my post, and yet you quickly did. Were his opinions blunt and to a point? Yes. Did he call you an idiot? Moron?

Also you just registered now and first post? Cromcrom is that you???

Nope, I am usually someone who just reads forums but as this is a very hot topic to me I felt compelled to create an account. To me its offensive that there are so many people in other threads jumping in and making mods not asking themselves "Can I make some serious $$ doing this?"


Now to repeat:

Can we stop derailing the forum post on purposely and the general trolling.

The point of this post is a topic of should people be allowed to sell mods they make?

Then expect replies in response to this from all forms of opinion. I don't know why anyone anywhere expects to make a topic of such large impact and not receive every opinion on the planet.

There was a time when people who made mods did so for the purpose of giving to the community and using it to build their own portfolio of projects they've done for use when applying for jobs.