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No official statement has been given out about the use of the Engine but currently paid projects are not allowed.

For the record your first reply "No offence but it seems people are stomping their feet and demanding free stuff.", was a pretty toxic first response

I just asked very politely to keep opinions out of this as the original posts is about answering specific questions, I really dont care about your opinion, The thread topic or questions is not "HEY GUYS WHAT DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS?"

The fact you clearly ignored my request really makes me think you're doing it on purpose, which is a shame.

The fact that you say I was the first to be toxic is by far a big joke you bloody moron.

First 3 posts to reply to me included an uncalled for:

Modding for selling = end of the community. Period.
Do the community some good, stick to Unity.

really, people wanting to sell their mods are plain greedy.

Selling mods sounds more cancerous than EA.

Sure I was the one that was being toxic and negative...

Great spot.

Also you just registered now and first post? Cromcrom is that you???

Now to repeat:

Can we stop derailing the forum post on purposely and the general trolling.

You can't write a massive wall of "HAHAHAHA..."

Then a few posts later complain about manners and staying on topic.

Not if you want to be taken seriously anyway.

You got confrontational before anyone else did.