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In my perspective, it's become pointless to continue these threads.
It's a to-and-fro and nothing fruitful comes from it.
IMHO all I see is that the pro-profit aren't trying to make a strong case and keep repeating themselves after the pro-sharing smite their arguments down.

What's the argument for requiring all mods to be free again? I mean... why not do that with the game itself, right?

Why are you playing a game you most certainly had to pay for when you could be playing a game for free... and numerous examples of those exist.

The fact of the matter is that people *will* work for free, they'll share for free, etc etc for free.

But chances are they'll work harder for money. This is why, for example, you get paid to go to work. It seems the going philosophy that whether you're a ditch digger or a dentist you'll work harder if there's a paycheck involved somewhere down the line.

It's not always true but it's true enough that it's one of the foundational principles of our entire society.

So, if people want to make mods for free? More power to them. I have absolutely no problem with that.

But if people *also* want to earn income from the act of making mods why should that be a problem for anyone anywhere save that it threatens the current paradigm of "The people in this discussion forum are less likely to get free shit".

As is *Developers* already sell mods, they just call them DLC. To which you say "but the regular person has no rights over the content of the game and so shouldn't be profiting off it" to which I respond "And that has precisely jack shit to do with you and is completely between the modders and the developers, who might wisely turn it into an additional revenue stream".

There has been no justifiable argument for why the community has any vested interest in boycotting sellers of mods, or demanding they not be allowed to sell their product outside of "BUT MY MUNNY~!" while SIMULTANEOUSLY accusing mod sellers of being GREEDY.

I mean look if you don't want to sell a mod? That's fine. No problem. Seriously, no problem at all. Go for it to your hearts content.

But no one who wants to sell theirs should be barred from doing so because a few tight asses on some internet forum want to maintain the status quo.