Mr.C you nailed it on the head but the thick heads won't get it.

I just hope someday Larian does make a revenue share, I will be on the paid mod side and I want nothing to do with these free modders that want it only their way. I hope we have two completely seperate sections.

I'd rather make a MOD and share it with 3 other people who bought it for $5 each, than make a mod and share it for free with 100 people. I don't want to give anyone anything for free this is my choice, just the same way as 3D artist I no longer make free models for royalty projects, It's my choice. I don't want masses of people telling me they want this fixed or that done or moaning about updates, I'd rather have 5 people complaining about my mod instead of 100. I certainly don't need virtual appreciations and gratitude from people I will never see in real life.

But I am an outright scam for apparently even asking questions for such things.

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