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There has been no justifiable argument for why the community has any vested interest in boycotting sellers of mods, or demanding they not be allowed to sell their product outside of "BUT MY MUNNY~!" while SIMULTANEOUSLY accusing mod sellers of being GREEDY.

What about the fact that selling mod would kill the community. Selling mods = keep the edge so my mods is sold = don't share that edge in case another mod take it, sells better, and I sell less = no more sharing. Don't help him, he might outsell us. A community is about sharing. No sharing, then modders are individuals, sticking to their own little greedy minds.
So because 2-3 people want to make a living out of selling mods, means we can destroy the modders community ?
I tell them: want to make money for a living? Get a real job, create a game out of dedicated engines, like unity, RPG maker, whatever, but don't destroy the hardly growing community here. Modding is about hobby, not getting the job done.

And, if by any chance, they finally create something amazing, that catches Larian's interest, I really hope for them it will become a stand alone, and they will get paid for it (Day Z, DOTA, and so on).
But until then, don't sell mods, and keep the community the great friendly and sharing thing it should be.

Anything you don't get in this ?

Your argument hinges on the belief that because some modders make money off the endeavor all of them will try to and thus the modding community will be destroyed.

The simple truth is that some people will share and some won't. But so what? Those that want to share and discuss things openly will share, those that don't won't.

I don't see a lot of benefit from forcing people into one scheme (Give it to us for free) for "The Greater Good".

Why not let people choose for themselves what they want to do? If the community is so weak that it has to be propped up by forcing people to volunteer their work for free when they would rather make an income from it then it's a shitty community to begin with and deserves to die.

I, however, believe that what happened with D&D 3.5 will happen here and we'll have a long standing and enduring community that makes use of this amazing tool we've *purchased*.