As Mr.C quoted you Cromcrom I can see what you wrote so here some life facts for you:

Iphone Market, Android market, etc. free apps and paid apps, did the paid apps kill the free apps? No! Did the Paid Apps stop Education and sharing? No! Does Paid apps always do better than Free Apps? NO!

PC Games, free games and paid games, did the paid games kill the free games? No! Did the paid games stop education and sharing? No! Does Paid games always do better than free Apps? NO!

Get served, and now stfu.

Just a bunch of Dictators that want to force everyone into the free market because they fear their own works will die out suddenly, little pussycats.

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But I am an outright scam for apparently even asking questions for such things.

Grow up! You asked for a discussion and you got one. You're not a victim, and no-one here is stopping you from or forcing you to do anything.

Hardly, I asked only for specific answers to my questions, Negative opinions on the matter and flaming towards paid mods was NOT part of the discussion and I wasn't in the slightest asking for such conversation. I admit I did derail in the direction that others took me towards, that was their intention after all.

There is another thread here someone is making a Diablo 2 mod which is illegal and it breaks several copyrights but because it's a free mod people are cheering him and thanking him.

Then on the other hand people want to make some bucks for their work with Larians permission making original content for users who have the option to buy or not, yet this sort of discussion and modder gets flamed?

You think you are on the moral high grounds... Ha... preposterous!