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Your argument hinges on the belief that because some modders make money off the endeavor all of them will try to and thus the modding community will be destroyed.

The simple truth is that some people will share and some won't. But so what? Those that want to share and discuss things openly will share, those that don't won't.

I don't see a lot of benefit from forcing people into one scheme (Give it to us for free) for "The Greater Good".

Why not let people choose for themselves what they want to do? If the community is so weak that it has to be propped up by forcing people to volunteer their work for free when they would rather make an income from it then it's a shitty community to begin with and deserves to die.

I, however, believe that what happened with D&D 3.5 will happen here and we'll have a long standing and enduring community that makes use of this amazing tool we've *purchased*.

Mate, have you even seen the state of modding "communities" like the minecraft modding community? Mojang didn't crack down on people profiting off of their mods via ad redirect links for a couple of years, and the result was people going fucking INSANE whenever you borrowed code for your own mods (even with credit given), or updated theirs for them when they were too busy faffing about with other games or life. Not to mention how ravenous they got when mojang actually decided enough was enough and forbade adfly and other such links in their EULA. There were a few principled people who didn't use it, but it was much more common to see an adfly link that promptly redirected to a free file sharing site like mediafire or dropbox.