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Until norbyte is able to retrieve an item DB, you must go to items list and look every single item (yeah... Long process) until you find thé one you are looking for. Then it is not written as its in game name but its ID, on the "stats" line. so you must guess which one thé right one.
Thén, if you manage to do all this, you have two ppssoble ways

1) modify owner and slot of thé original item, to match an empty slot of thé inventory of one of your char
2) modify à preexisting item of your own inventory, using both ID and current template of the item you need, mostly à book or an item without any complex nodes, assuming your item is not à complex one itself (book, stones, crafting materials...)

Probably 1) will be the best thing, the item is SOMEWHERE in the game world (haha!) so I just need to set it to one of my characters.

Question, I see the owner variable, but how do I find what number relates to my character?

I don't know where the 'slot' variable is but I assume it's somewhere easy to find, again what 'slot' number referrs to the inventory?

Update: BINGO found the scroll's details


Now I just have to find it in my proper savegame.

Ok, so a summary of what i've done so far:

1) Found the item's 'Stats' ID, used this to 'find' the item in my current savegame.

2) Attempted to modify the item's 'Level', 'Parent' and 'Slot' variables in order to move the item to my character's inventory. The item already has the correct 'Owner' so I do not need to change that.

Unfortunately this does not work, the item refuses to appear. Not sure what to do next. I wonder if anyone can 'find' where the item is in the game world from this picture:


Final update: Ok, a fellow forum user by the name of EvanNotIvan figured it out for me. The 'Translate' variables relate to the grid coordinates in-game. Found the item.

Thanks for the help guys.

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