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You say modding is not a job, it actually requires a lot of time.

Sorry blazed, but that is a terrible justification for saying modding should be rewarded with a monetary payoff. There are plenty creative hobbies that require LOTS of time. The main thing they have in common is that they are labors of love. You wouldn't be doing them unless you loved what you are doing. That has been the foundation for community mods in video games since mods have existed. Gamers aren't trying to demand free stuff. On the contrary, it kinda sounds like you are demanding that you should be monetarily rewarded for something that's traditionally not been rewarded that way.

Now...if you are someone who's hoping to get into the gaming industry, and you are trying to use these sorts of projects to make a name for yourself, do it the old-fashioned way: work a day-job, and put in your "labor of love" hours on your hobby time (Not the time you expect to be paid). If your end results are noteworthy enough, a gaming studio will notice. Don't try to monetize something that's been traditionally free since it's existence.