Hi there!

Well, i have several questions and as it is w-e i hope some nice forumers or mods/team Larian could help me out.

To put it simply, i am experiencing this so-called Black Cove issues. I tried to read every information i could get from this thread but response seems mixed between a general issue of save and my own issue.

So, i didn't really get which solution was proposed for which issues.
If someone could be kind enough to make a post or sticky with the appropriate solution to try i'd be grateful. As, i am no english and i don't really understand every things being said (technical stuff).

Anyway, my issue is peculiar as i can't get out of Black Cove but can save (game is crashing before uploading the next area, i can only go to the end of time..but same issue, i can go anywhere but here).

The thing is it isn't my first playthrough and i had no problem getting out etc of Black Cove the first time i went there.

I am on steam so i guess i've got the last patch? If that's the case then it didn't solve the problem at all. In my case it's even worse since..i didn't have the Black Cove issue in the first place.

So, other question, if is that problem only an occurence with Black Cove? Or is there another zone i should avoid. I have others saves before i went in, if i go in Black Cove will the same result happens each time? (dumb question, i know but i don't get how i had no issue on my first playthrough and now..i do).

On another side it annoys me since, i did that playthrough to get all achievements..and if i don't do Black Cove i'll miss some.

Thanks for reading and i do hope you'll get a solution soon enough Larian.
Your game, i won't say it is the best game i've ever played. But it's a work of love and you can feel that love in every pixel. You're really worth respecting and having been on your Kickstarter, i am really proud if i've contributed a bit (btw i don't find my nick or name in the credits but who cares ?:p).

Great, great game. For me to create several playthrough and trying to have every achievements.
I can't remember the last game i did that for.

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