Thanks. Added the two recipes with intestines. They were added in version of the game.
With regards to the bow formula, it is already there. I have used the name Shortbow and that might have been confusing. I have changed the name of the generic one-handed weapons to just the name of the weapon; so hand axe -> axe and shortsword -> sword. The two-handed version of the weapon always starts with Two-Handed; for instance Two-Handed Sword. Bows and crossbows are the exceptions, since they cannot be used with one hand I just call them bows and crossbows. Two-handed bows and two-handed crossbows sounds just wrong...

All of this will be fixed in version 6 of the recipe list (I think version 6 is better than part 6).

I am beginning to wonder if the formulas for Magic Tattoed Skull, Tattoed Skull Amulet, and Tattoed Skull Ring can be created. Has anybody found a Tattoed Skull?