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The list of crafting recipes is getting extremely dense.
Could anyone provide their opinion on the Top 5 most useful crafting recipes?

For example: CR5 - Boots + Nine Inch Nails = No Slipping on Ice.
This one is insanely useful for the entire game.

Besides the always avaible show + Nine Inch Nails here my other top 5 crafing things, all are boosts, so I guess you see a pattern here and they stack with each other. ;-)

1. Tormented Soul + Weapon (Str + Dex Bonus, with level 16 weapons you get +2 each)
2. Void Essence + Apparel (+1 Sneaking, so no point it getting much 1 points in it)
3. Wetstone Wheels + Metal Weapon (simple but effective)
4.Tenebrium Bar + Weapon (Tenebrium Weapon, comes with its own disadvantages because Tenebrium Weapons use the Tenebrium Skill instead of your normal weapon skill. Sometimes it might be more useful to use some essence to boost the weapon with some other elemental damage, you can not boost multiple magical damage sources at the same time, and btw this does not work with weapons which are already on default tenebrium, they can not be enhanced with elemental damage)
5. Ruby + Armor ( Resist all )