Hi everyone.

I finally finished the first "version" of my editor, however it is largely incomplete at the moment: the only module which is complete so far is inventory.

More to come in time.

Some things to be aware of:
- I haven't optimized performance yet and the initial load after clicking the "Load" button will be slow; it takes me around 15 seconds to load my save file.
- The tooltips are fairly incomplete at the moment and I will be adding/correcting them later. Don't trust them fully yet. (however I made sure weapon damage should be correct)
- Many icons are missing... this is on purpose and will be corrected once I revisit the performance
- Adding new items is not yet implemented
- Right click an item to edit it
- The editor makes a backup of your save ("Globals.lsb.bak"). Use this backup if the editor somehow breaks your save file.
- The PermBoost category in particular is something I am still figuring out, and while there are values available for selection, not all of them will work, or they may require experimentation in-game. For example, if you want to add dexterity to a weapon, do not use the "Weapon" -> "DexterityBoost" as it does not work; instead, use "Character" -> "Dexterity".
- Icon selection does not work yet.
- You can still edit items even if there is no icon for them.
- Do not modify the "Abilities" PermBoost that appears on every item, it may break your game.
- Click the disk icon on the toolbar, on the top-left of the window, to save.

Example item:
I set the item's scale to 3 (3x size),
Item type is "Dark Double Headed Axe",
Chosen mods are: Electrified, Savage, Fast
Chosen PermBoosts are:
DamageBoost = 250%,
Strength = +4
Dexterity = +4
[Linked Image]


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