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Could you add some clarification about the essences?
Like that they work with bracers, belts, chest armor and sarongs and that you can get all 5 essences on the same piece of armor? Also the item level determines the maximum bonus from essences.

I will add a note that specifies that enchantments generally stack. As to the exact bonuses, I might add that info as well. I am currently at level 16 in my first play-through and I had hoped to get to level 20 to be able to test properly before publishing the next version.

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This guide is invaluable. Even with direct access to the ItemCombos file this is much easier to read and make sense of the products. Appreciate it very much, thank you!

How do you get access to the different files in this game? I have tested everything in game, but I have also searched and used all the different lists I could come upon and verified with my list to make sure I got everything covered. I think I am getting close.

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Question: Why create new threads each time? I have to keep updating my bookmarks after I hunt down the latest version and then re-send them out to friends. I'd love to see a sticky that just gets updated.

Because of a restriction on this forum. I can only modify a post for so long. After a few days I cannot modify my posts any more.

Appreciate that you guys find these lists useful. Thanks for letting me know. smile